The Fifth House: Party Up

5th-house-243x135You’re gonna love it here. The Fifth astrological House governs the activities and areas of life that most of us would consider to be fun or enjoyable. This would cover creativity, celebrations, holidays, gambling, passion, romance, sex, games, amusement, kids, and also represents what kind of parent you are if you have children. Some astrologers believe the Fifth House also governs the father/father figure, although that is up for debate and my personal stance on the matter is that dear ol’ dad is represented more in the Fourth House. It reveals how you express yourself creatively; for example, are you a painter or do you write poetry? Or maybe the proverbial cat has got your creative tongue so to speak, and you don’t really express yourself in an overtly-creative way; it’ll clue us in on that as well.

The Fifth House’s natural ruler is the spotlight-hogging sign of Leo, a proud, fun-loving fire sign. If you are looking at your Fifth House and it is completely devoid of any planets, asteroids, or nodes with nary a tumbleweed blowing through, it doesn’t indicate that you are a stick-in-the-mud dullard who can count on having a life sans excitement, entertainment, creativity, or sex (good GOD no!) It also doesn’t imply that your womb is dusty or that your testicles merely serve as decoration, destined for an infertile life, never to procreate and produce your very own young hellions or mini-yous. Remember: there are ten planets and twelve Houses (in astrology, the Sun and Moon count as planets.) There will be at least two empty Houses in everyone’s natal chart, and more often than not, more than two empties. In such a case, we can interpret the Fifth House’s meaning in your life by examining the qualities of its natural ruler, Leo, as well as the meaning of which sign rules the Fifth House in your own chart. As mentioned above, Leo is a fire sign and it is associated with traits such as pride, attention-seeking, egoism, and generosity, just to name a few. In an empty Fifth House, this can be translated in a nutshell to mean the native loves to throw extravagant parties, sparing no expense, or host huge holiday bashes, as they are very generous and always on the lookout for ways to let themselves shine. Conversely, an empty Fifth House could indicate that the life areas governed here simply aren’t a major focus for you. You might genuinely enjoy a friendly get-together or be a doting, devoted parent, but its not your main focus.

Other questions that can be answered by examining what is — or isn’t — in your Fifth House include in what way (or whether) you outwardly express your happiness, how you approach sex and romance (but not marriage, which is governed by the Seventh House of partnerships), and the way in which you are inspired by any of the Fifth House-ruled areas of your life.

So let’s take a look at the influence of each planet when its placement is in the Fifth House of fun and creativity.

2048299_origSun in the Fifth House
The Sun, planet of self and self-image, is where we shine. When its placement is in the Fifth House of all things fun, the native will have a tendency to try and be the center of attention in a lot of areas; for instance, as described earlier, by throwing over-the-top parties or anything that will grab attention. This individual is very competitive and their ego massive, and this is an ideal placement for anyone who is athletic or in the performing arts. That said, the Fifth-House-Sun can sometimes hog too much of the spotlight and because of their desire to stand out and to be numero uno in everything they do, their ego is easily bruised and when they don’t win they can become quite pouty and huffy, resulting in the (often accurate) perception that they are a sore loser. Even so, a Sun-in-Fifth native is generally cheerful and optimistic, which wins them attention. They are pretty original in their self-expression, which contributes to their sunny disposition. For this one, expressing themselves creatively is tied directly to an artistic interest (anything from poetry to acting to doodling) as well as to sex and romance, and they are probably up for almost anything in the bedroom. Children are front and center in the native’s life with this placement, be it their own little minions, nieces or nephews; perhaps even their students if the native is a teacher.

Moon in the Fifth House
The Moon is an emotional, nurturing planet that is prone to bouts of moodiness. In the Fifth House of fun, it gives an individual who loves sharing their innermost emotions with those close to them, often through poetry or some form of art. They typically take great pleasure in creating something for their loved ones; for example, they might build a piece of furniture as a gift, write a poem for their spouse, knit blankets for their children, or even paint a picture to present to someone. Whatever it is, it is a tangible symbol of the innermost feelings for those they care for. Although their approach to sex and romance is intense, the Moon’s influence here means their love affairs and sex lives ebb and flow like the tides, constantly changing. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that they will have multiple romantic partners; in fact, many times it just means the relationship in which they are involved undergoes more change than most, and that isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, these little changes can keep things new and fresh over the long-term. The native often feels like a child at heart or like they don’t want to grow up, and they have a particularly soft spot for children, regardless of to whom they belong. If the Moon is negatively aspected here, we will often see a Fifth-House-Moon who struggles with impulsive spending or a gambling addiction, or their romantic life might be unstable because of a tendency to seek happiness outwardly through a partner, which will never happen; the native’s lesson here is to realize — although they’ve heard it ad nauseam and it’s a tired cliche — that ultimately, they must look inwardly for happiness. This one can be overly dramatic and they are all but unable to quell their emotional responses to people or situations.

Mercury in the Fifth House
Planet of communication and short trips (ones not requiring an overnight stay), when Mercury is in the Fifth House of fun, the native Homer-Simpson-Pants-on-firetends to creatively express themselves using their voice or even in written communication. They are extremely witty and often have a talent for mimicry or impersonations, and this is a wonderful Fifth House placement for voice-over actors or comedians. They can be skilled liars as well (my apologies, but there’s no delicate way to put it) and have the ability to come up with some plausible stories, and life would be much easier for the rest of us if one’s pants actually did catch fire when being dishonest. This placement can also be indicative of someone who has more than one sex/romantic partner at once; therefore, that talent for lying and spinning believable tales can be invaluable when crafting an alibi. The native tends to bite off more than they can chew, resulting in promises that are ultimately unkept although malice is not usually intended in such instances. A Mercury-in-Fifth person must be first stimulated intellectually by a partner/potential partner to have a sexual attraction to them. Simply put: if the partner is an idiot incapable of engaging in intelligent, witty conversation, sex is off the table. This is a curious individual and a great placement for a teacher, as they take pride in their own children’s (if they have any) intellectual abilities and they love to communicate creatively.

setupromanticdinnervalentinesday1Venus in the Fifth House
Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure and when combined with the Fifth House of fun, we have a person who is in love with love. Charm is what attracts them first and foremost in a mate. Crudeness or vulgarity is an instant turnoff here. They find immense joy when their surroundings are beautiful or lavish, and this often plays into their date night scenarios as well as their sexual rendezvouses, whether they are single or spoken-for. Venus-in-Fifth natives are extremely loyal in love and make great long-term romantic partners. They are warm and loving, and devoted beyond question. If they have any children, Fifth-House-Venusians are fun yet nurturing parents who they take great pride in their children, at least one of whom will be a little charmer. The native has an artistic bent along with exquisite taste, but has a propensity toward overindulgence in anything they find pleasurable, such as food, sex, shopping, or anything else they consider to be fun. The lesson here? Too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

Darts-Trophy-Room-1024x768Mars in the Fifth House
In the Fifth House of fun, Mars, planet of assertiveness and action, gives an individual who expresses and directs a great deal of their creative energy by way of competitive sports or games. The native probably has shelves filled with trophies and walls lined with medals and ribbons from just about any sport you could think of. The planet of action in the House that governs creativity, sex, self-expression, and anything fun equals an individual with energy to spare in any of the areas ruled by this House…and yup, that includes sex. They have energy to spare and will wear your ass out in the bedroom (so to speak) and you will never be bored (woohoo!) However, the native is impulsive in matters of sex and romance which can result in multiple love affairs, as well as adrenaline junkies who find anything with an element of risk irresistible. The unofficial Mars-in-Fifth motto is: it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, which sums up their impulsive nature quite nicely. If they have children, a Fifth-House-Martian is an active, involved parent whose children’s schedules are booked solid with a plethora of after-school and summertime activities and sports. My older son is a Mars-in-Fifth and while I can confirm that the unofficial motto above fits the boy to a tee and that he does love sports, having played on soccer and basketball teams in his school days as a young Sadge lad and still skateboards even today as a nearly-24 year-old man, we will just have to speculate (well, you will; I don’t want to) about his prowess and stamina behind the bedroom door. I won’t be hitting up my lovely Leo soon-to-be daughter in-law anytime soon for the scoop on that.

Jupiter in the Fifth House
Planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter expands whatever it touches. It also shows us in which area of our life we seem to attract luck. Jupiter in the Fifth House of all the fun things in life is indicative of someone who is seemingly insatiable, always wanting more, more, more. Jupiter’s “expansion” effect here means the native has unshakeable confidence in regard to everything this House governs: romance, sex, parties, celebrations, you name it. That isn’t all bad, but the Fifth House also covers gambling; therefore, this individual feels lucky and optimistic when it comes to wagers and takes more chances than someone else might take, which can (obviously) result in some pretty big losses. Any offspring of a Jupiter-in-Fifth will be pretty feisty but good-natured, particularly the first child or only child. The native expresses themselves boldly and oftentimes can be overbearing. They demostrate their confidence to such a degree that they are frequently perceived as egotistical…and that’s not wrong, as the ego in this one is ginormous. However, it’s important to note that Jupiter, if negatively aspected in the natal chart, can have a different influence on the native altogether.

Saturn in the Fifth House
Saturn, the planet that loves nothing more than to stick its figurative foot out in front of you so as to trip you, can make the areas of your life governed by the Fifth House of fun not so much fun at times. For example, Saturn doesn’t much care for spontaneity; therefore, the native probably doesn’t either. The native might be infamous for being a buzzkill or party pooper, which is no fun for the unfortunate romantic partner or buddy with whom they’re out on the town. Life is taken a tad too seriously by the Fifth-House-Saturnian, and they usually don’t prioritize anything enjoyable. They feel guilty for having a good time when they could be working or otherwise being productive. The lesson for the native with this Saturn placement is that the Universe will not implode if they let their hair down once in a while. Depending on how its aspected in the natal chart, another possible effect of Saturn in the Fifth House is social anxiety. There is a beneficial side to this House placement, however: patience. A Saturn-in-Fifth person has no problem taking their time when working on anything creative, and they are saints when it comes to children testing this patience (what’s it like to have patience?) Good thing: the kiddos of a Fifth-House-Saturnian, if they have any, often give their native parents more difficulty than usual.

Uranus in the Fifth House
Here’s a riddle: What do you get when you cross weird, strange, unusual, and eccentric with romance, sex, kids, and celebrations? Correct: a Fifth-House-Uranian! Uranus is the planet of individuality, eccentricity, and things that are just weird. When its placement is in the Fifth House, we have a native who loves, loves, loves to say or do things for shock value, just to get a reaction. Because the Fifth House governs sex and romance, you can count on teenage Uranus-in-Fifth to bring home some pretty bizarre dates or romantic partners. This one wants to be different solely for the sake of being different. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that if you are the parent of one of these young natives you should always expect the unexpected. The forward-thinking influence of Uranus also indicates that your teenage bundle of joy might be bringing home a romantic interest who is considerably older than they are, so consider yourself warned. Furthermore, the native can expect the same out of their children if and when they become parents. Any progeny of the native will likely also be remarkably intelligent yet unorthodox or eccentric. Are you familiar with the saying “there’s a thin line between genius and madness”? Whoever first uttered those words was probably talking about a Fifth-House-Uranian in their life. In any event, part of the Uranian influence is to bestow imaginative creativity and an enviable ability to easily adapt to different people and situations, which fits quite nicely in the House that covers romance, sex, parties, and anything else enjoyable.

Neptune in the Fifth House
Unless you have never before read my articles or you haven’t been paying attention, you are already aware of my feelings about cantseeNeptune. Its placement in the natal chart reveals where we are idealistic, where our dreams are. It’s also the rose-colored glasses-wearing-planet of denial, influencing us to see only what we want to see. In the Fifth House of things we enjoy including sex, gambling, romance, and kids, Neptune’s effect is to lend an imaginative bent to the personality. A Neptune-in-Fifth person wears those aforementioned rose-colored glasses when dreamily gazing at a romantic partner/potential partner which can result in a few possibilities. One, the native will gloss over any visible personality flaws, downplaying them nearly into nonexistence. For example: “So, she’s a convicted violent felon with a little meth problem. She committed that armed robbery more than five years ago but she had a good reason for doing it; and okay, so she’s a tweaker; at least she’s not a raging alcoholic, and she doesn’t even do it very often; I mean, once a day isn’t that bad, and after all, she does have a job, so what if it’s ten hours a week, it’s still something…” That’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea. Two, because this one only sees what they want to see, they might make more out of a sexual or romantic relationship than it actually is; for instance, while it’s painfully obvious to everyone else that the native’s other half is a lying, cheating douche, the native doesn’t (choose to) see it, and by avoiding this reality, they wind up staying way too long with someone with whom they aren’t truly happy. Now: take the same general idea from those two scenarios and apply it to everything governed by House Number Five. The Fifth-House-Neptune individual is a rescuer, so the more fucked up a love interest is, the better chance this one will be drawn to them like a magnet. The thing is though, the native needs this drama in their life, even if they don’t realize it, and even if they loudly declare their hatred of it from the eaves and the rooftops. Because Neptune governs orphanages, a Neptune-in-Fifth will frequently adopt a child. If they have biological children, you can bank on the oldest (or only child) frequently having their head in the clouds, daydreaming. My Cancer cusp man has this Neptune placement. He left his first wife only after denying to himself for well over a year that she was actually a “lying, cheating whore” (his words, not mine) who wasn’t in love with him. He didn’t want to believe it. Can you blame him? Although he “knew” (read: suspected) what was going on, it wasn’t until he got irrefutable evidence of her extramarital escapades (read: busted her in the act) that he was able to take off the rose-colored glasses and exit stage left.

Pluto in the Fifth House
You might remember from other House article that Pluto is a very intense planet of extremes. Wherever Pluto is placed in the natal chart shows us where in our life that there’s no halfway, no moderation of anything. It’s all or nothing, end of story. In the Fifth House of fun, which encompasses sex and romance, the native is usually either involved 100 percent with someone or completely uninvolved with anyone in any way whatsoever. Pluto encourages obsessive behavior wherever its placement is in the natal chart and when in the Fifth House, the native should be careful not to let themselves become obsessed with areas governed by this House. Examples include obsession with a romantic interest (stalker tendency here), gambling (for obvious reasons), and sex (I know, I know, but it really can become a problem if it spirals into a full-on addiction. Just ask David Duchovny.) It’s also possible, depending on aspects in the natal chart, that the native’s romantic interest could be the one who is prone to stalker-ish behavior, so they should be wary of this as well. As a parent, a Pluto-in-Fifth is intensely protective of their children, if there are any, and the firstborn (or only child) will either be a Scorpio or exhibit the traits of Scorpio — which, by the way, is Pluto-ruled. A Fifth-House-Pluto individual takes a deeply intense approach to fun and games, which yes, I realize using the word “intense” to describe fun and games sounds like a complete oxymoron. You’re right: it is. But this is a very passionate Pluto placement, and there is nothing half-assed about their approach to anything.