Yukon, OK

Bio: I am a 41 year-old mom of three, grandma of one, astrologer (1998 - present), occasional storm chaser (2001 - present), hopeless romantic who still believes in soulmates and the power of love, adrenaline junkie, wannabe freelance writer/photographer, strong-willed, impatient Aries who is aspiring to discover what I'm made of; who I really am inside, through unorthodox tools such as astrology and music...and chronicling the journey. I originally began this quest upon finding myself newly single in early 2011 after having been one-half of a couple for most of my life. Though I have since reunited with the very ex I was struggling to get over, for which I am grateful beyond words, I continue on the same path of self-discovery by analyzing and sharing my thoughts, fears, hopes, struggles, and experiences in various aspects of this school we call Life. My hope is that by sharing these parts of my life with others, not only will I ultimately become wiser, but that I also will inspire others to think about things in a way in which perhaps they never before have. I wish the very best to anyone else reading this who is also struggling to recover, whether it be from a painful breakup to the unfathomable death of a loved one. Unfortunately, I know all too much about the latter: I have lost two husbands to death. However, I've found writing to be immensely therapeutic in the grieving process, whether I'm coping with a death or some other less tangible loss. If even one other person will be able to relate to my feelings and experiences and know they're not alone, which can be invaluable in their own healing process. So come on in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. And by all means, don't be shy: talk to me! Have an opinion? Share it! I welcome your input, suggestions, and criticism (hopefully constructive!) Feel free to share your personal stories with me.

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