The Tenth House: Just A Job To Do

Welcome to the Tenth House! In the horoscope wheel, this House is positioned opposite the Fourth House, which you might recall governs home and 10thhousefamily. As its opposite, the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing rules issues occurring away from the domicile: work and career, your reputation, and social status. It reveals how highly regarded you are (or aren’t) by the community, your image, recognition in the form of honors or lifetime achievements, as well as your approach to responsibility. Additionally, while the Sixth House discusses the kind of work you do and the flow of your income, the Tenth House deals more with your life’s work and the legacy you leave behind as a result.

The cusp of the Tenth House is known in astrology as the Midheaven. The Midheaven reveals your public persona along with how you manage your inner authority. Because it’s ruled by earthy, dependable Capricorn, the Tenth House also covers materialism and what you achieve through your own hard work and toil. Furthermore, if you are an expert in a particular area, the Tenth House is going to tell us which area that is, as well as vocations for which you are well-suited. It is important to note that any aspects of the Midheaven should be paid particularly close attention to, as they are the strongest indicators of which career field is the best fit for the native as well as which vocations will bring the greatest success. (Look for an upcoming in-depth article on aspects in the not-too-distant future for more information; alternatively, you can request your personal natal chart by emailing or by inquiring right here on the website; the extensive natal chart contains in-depth explanations of all of the aspects in your natal chart.)

authorityBecause this House governs authority figures, many astrologers associate it with an authoritarian such as the father/father figure, while others (myself included) are of the opinion that it is more associated with whichever parent/parental figure was the primary authoritarian. The Tenth House governs other persons of authority including judges, law enforcement officers, and even your boss. Also included would be a mentor or other person you admire or strive to emulate. Regardless of who it is, this person is a significant influence in your life, teaching you the lessons the Tenth House requires us to master. (Think about it: when a judge sentences you to fifteen years in prison for your fourteenth DUI, does that not — hopefully — impart a lesson? There ya go.)

A Ph.D. from Harvard isn’t necessary to figure out that with ten planets (including the Sun and Moon) and twelve Houses in a natal chart, everyone is going to have a minimum of two completely empty Houses — meaning one containing absolutely no planets, asteroids, or nodes — and more often than not, there will be more than two empties. So what if one of your vacant Houses is the Tenth House? Are you destined for chronic unemployment and the apparent collective decision of every employer within a 500-mile radius to deny you a job opportunity? Or perhaps even more disturbing, when the time comes for you to depart this lifetime, will there be no legacy left behind?

Don’t fret, dear reader/follower. An empty House can still be interpreted using a few different methods. One way is to consider the qualities of the sign which naturally rules the Tenth House, which is Capricorn. This will reveal, at least to some degree, how you approach the issues ruled by the Tenth House. We would also consider the sign which rules this House in your natal chart. For example, let’s say that Pisces is the sign which rules the Tenth House in your natal chart. By examining the Piscean tendencies and characteristics, a great deal of insight can be gained into how you handle these particular life areas. Alternatively, perhaps the areas governed by the Tenth House are already so well-ordered in your life and in need of no extra attention, you lucky bastard, you.

So let’s take a look at the interpretations of each planet’s placement in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing and determine the ways in which they affect you on a personal level.

Tom "Sun-in-Tenth" Hanks

Tom “Sun-in-Tenth” Hanks

The Sun in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
I’ve said this a thousand times (well, not really) but it bears repeating: wherever the Sun appears in the natal chart shows where we need to shine and be noticed; the area(s) in which our egos are most invested. A Sun-in-Tenth person is strongly driven to succeed…which most of them will, but a pattern with this one is for the peak of this success not to be achieved until mid-life or even later. The native might experience turbulence on the homefront due to a tendency to prioritize career and ambition over more personal issues such as relationships or family life. This one has the potential to be an influential leader, though they tend to come across as an arrogant dictator. The Tenth House Sun craves public recognition, bristles at the idea of taking orders, and need to be in charge. Although the Sun is unusual in the sense that it doesn’t point in any specific career direction, the native enjoys being in the public eye and are likely to find success with any career in that area. Regardless of the position they’re in, the Tenth House Sun will be satisfied as long as they can call the shots and be praised and recognized for their contributions and hard work.

careernurturerThe Moon in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
The Moon-in-Tenth native won’t have much of a personal life. Career frequently involves dealing with the public, as do social activities. There is an interesting pattern with a Tenth House Moon to suddenly change career directions in mid-life (remember, the Moon, like the tides, has the personal effect of a desire for change, as well as an ebb and flow in the life areas where the Moon is placed in the natal chart.) Associations with women or female family members often lead to career situations which result in financial success, though there is a strange tendency for a native with this lunar placement to become embroiled in a public scandal. This one knows exactly what the public demands and strives to deliver. Some concerns with a Moon-in-Tenth include indecisiveness when it comes to selecting a profession, resulting in somewhat frequent career changes, a propensity to allow emotions to cloud their career decision-making and/or having knee-jerk emotional reactions to situations in the workplace. If the native can recognize these tendencies, they will appear more professional, increasing their success and credibility with business associates. Because the Moon is a nurturing planet, a Tenth House Moon is frequently drawn to careers involving the care of others: nursing or other healthcare professions, child care, teaching, counseling, etc. Their emotions are often focused more on career and ambition than home or family concerns which can lead to discord. Although others, particularly family members — especially mom or a mother figure — will often try to dissuade the native from pursuing the career which their heart truly desires, the sensitive lunar Tenth House native needs to stand strong and stick to what they want; otherwise, career happiness and satisfaction will never be attained.

Mercury in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Restless, communicative Mercury in the Tenth House gives a native for whom it’s not unusual to hold down more than one job at a time or have multiple irons in the fire. Mercury-in-Tenth has a knack for languages and this can be useful in any profession they choose to undertake. There is an air of authority with this one and they have a flair for communicating well and negotiating with supervisors or others in positions of authority. This one thrives in a job that keeps them on the go, traveling or what have you, as long as they aren’t chained to a desk or sitting still all day long. Easily bored, the Tenth House Mercurian requires frequent new challenges or changes of scenery to remain interested and stimulated. Easily adaptable to new and different types of people and possessing a witty communicative style which others find appealing, this one has an uncanny knack for success in writing or careers in journalism.

Venus in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
A Tenth House Venusian loves to receive public accolades, strives to achieve high social status, and often makes a successful career out of a hobby. They must receive credit for whatever they do, although they prefer being part of a team rather than working solo. This one can be misunderstood as being uppity or pretentious due to a tendency to associate more with the higher-ups of society, such as their company’s CEO or prominent people in the community, although this doesn’t usually indicate they are as snooty as they appear, although these connections do frequently financially benefit the native by opening doors and advancement opportunities. A Venus-in-Tenth is often attracted to romantic partners who are established and accomplished in their career, and usually this is someone who is somewhat older than the native. A marriage in this situation will probably bring career benefits to the native. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty and this one is drawn to careers involving any of these, such as interior decorating, fashion, makeup artistry, or other similar professions. Interestingly, some natives gravitate toward careers which somehow serve or help other females — gynecology, obstetrics, rape crisis counseling, assisting battered women, or championing various female causes. This is a charming individual who is popular with the public, but also subject to public scandal or even downfall brought about by — surprise, surprise! — a woman.

marstenthMars in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
The Tenth House Martian has exception executive ability and more than likely will dominate others in their profession. They have uncanny initiative and determination, are in it to win it, and have a strong desire to attain public recognition for their efforts; however, because they can be viewed as ruthless, they aren’t always held in the highest public esteem, regardless of the level of success they achieve. The native’s intense competitive streak will stop at nothing to move perceived obstacles out of their way…and yeah, this means they aren’t above stepping on toes and leapfrogging over the backs of others in their quest to be top dog. But even with all this perseverance, even the Mars-in-Tenth isn’t infallible and there are times when their lofty goals do not come to fruition, which can result in an extremely cranky native as, more than nearly any other individual in the zodiac, they hate to lose and when they do, they don’t know how else to react except with anger, frustration, and an abundance of self-pity and incessant bitching.

Jupiter in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standingluckymoney
Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and when its placement is in the Tenth House, the native is usually seen as being unusually lucky in career endeavors…and they are. Problem is, the Jupiter-in-Tenth can rely too much on that luck, becoming a bit reckless, and push the envelope just a tick too far at times, which can easily come back to bite the native right in the ass. Simply having an awareness of this tendency can be invaluable to the Tenth House Jupiter person. In any event, regardless of their chosen profession, success is usually easily attained and goals are seemingly effortlessly achieved. This is a sociable, confident, charismatic and persuasive individual who is popular with the public and will likely be recognized at some point in their lifetime with an honor. Social status is of utmost importance to this one, they prize their personal freedom, and often benefit from the influence of their many, many friends and associates.

jobstuckSaturn in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
As I mentioned earlier, the Sixth House governs work but the Tenth House rules the type of work in which you find the most personal satisfaction. Saturn loves to place obstacles and limitations in our paths wherever it is placed in the natal chart, and in the Tenth House this usually manifests as success that is eventually achieved, but not until later in life and when the native does finally make it, there will almost be a feeling of disappointment or loneliness, as though what they’ve strived so hard to attain isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. But the Saturn-in-Tenth has the patience, stamina, and perseverance to keep plodding along to ensure they do eventually get there. They often approach their career goals in an organized, step-by-step approach with an admirable amount of self-discipline which many other folks lack. That said, the native has a selfish streak and will generally put their own needs before those of others, leaving them vulnerable to disgrace in the eyes of the public. There is a tendency to take on too many responsibilities at once and their stubborn streak causes them to resist delegating some of these tasks to others. Dear Native: It’s not a sign of weakness to dole out some of this work to others, who are more than willing to lend you a hand…on the contrary, it demonstrates that you recognize your limitations, which in turn gains you credibility. Slow down there, partner! It’ll get done. Promise. My now-deceased Sadge first ex-husband had this Saturn placement. He plodded along in the same position with the same company from 1989 until his cancer diagnosis forced him to take disability in 2000, and he didn’t stay in that position because he loved it so much: he was content, it was what he knew. “Later in life” in his case meant late twenties/early thirties and by that time, he was still making only four dollars an hour more than when his career began. But in those 11 years, the total number of days of work he missed could be counted on one hand and I assure you, they were for legitimate illnesses. He had an unbelievable level of self-discipline when it came to his job and his duties, doing his work the right way the first time, every time.

Uranus in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Uranus is infamous for being unorthodox and unpredictable, and when it’s in the Tenth House, this translates to sudden or unconventional changes in career. But it’s this same uniqueness that brings the native success: they have a way of seeing things which many other people would never even think of. Their minds are constantly spinning up new and unusual ideas, thinking so far outside the proverbial box that the box isn’t even visible anymore. However, the Uranus-in-Tenth detests having to deal with people in authority, as they need the freedom to do things their way. They have no desire to work their way up anyone else’s corporate ladder. For this reason, many Tenth House Uranian natives will make the leap to becoming their own boss, and you can bet your ass that whatever business they enter into, it’ll be something truly original, perhaps even shocking, unlike any other business. Because Uranus is a forward-thinking, innovative planet, success with an internet business is probable and likely profitable.

Neptune in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Imaginative planet Neptune, although I badmouth the hell out of it on a regular basis, gives a native with impressive creative talent. This could involve kingwriting or anything artistic, possibly a somewhat unconventional profession, and because Neptune is also the planet of illusion (*cough* rose-colored glasses *cough*), professional success might be attained using a pseudonym (example: for those who didn’t already know, Stephen King has also written under the name Richard Bachman.) The Neptune-in-Tenth native is intuitive, spiritual (though not necessarily religious per se), and idealistic…all of which can serve them well in their chosen field. One caveat to this Neptune placement (heh, like there’s only one) is a tendency for the individual to attempt to take on too many projects simultaneously, resulting in a native who is running around in circles, certain they are losing their minds. My now-deceased former Cancer husband had this Neptune placement. More than once he was working two jobs, literally leaving one and heading straight to the second without even stopping at home beforehand. Furthermore, while working those two jobs, he could often be found perusing the classifieds, searching for other jobs. His work was never anything necessarily unusual or unconventional, but he was definitely idealistic and one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met. Additionally, there was a call center position he once held in which he was required to use a pseudonym.

Pluto in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Pluto’s intensity manifests itself in the native’s career with this placement. The native definitely stands out among their peers, pursuing goals with unprecedented drive and determination. Pluto seeks to uncover the hidden, so a Pluto-in-Tenth person excels in any position in which research is involved. The native is naturally mechanically inclined and this will absolutely be noted in dealings with the public. Tenth House Pluto’s father/father figure might have worked in a healing or research profession, and there are likely some unresolved, deep-seated issues with that parental figure that will need to be dealt with. Because Pluto is an all-or-nothing planet of extremes, the native tends to invoke love-hate reactions in their professional or public life. This one has an incredibly intense personality and is quite persuasive, a bonafide perfectionist with no qualms about shaking up tradition and doing things in a new way that makes more sense.


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  1. I have neptune in the 10th house and I sing ,paint , dance , design, I think neptun in the 10th house personally makes a person an artist , also all my friends call my the disappearing girl , that’s like the most common nickname I have ( besides dreamy )

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