The Twelfth House: Your Own Worst Enemy

sabotageIt’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy
Cuz every now and then I kick the living shit outta me…
The smoke alarm is going off and there’s a cigarette still burnin’…
Please tell me why my car is in the front yard and I’m…
Sleepin’ with my clothes on;
Came in through the window last night and you’re
Gone…gone. ~ Lit, My Own Worst Enemy

Ah yes. Welcome to the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, where you sabotage yourself and are the creator of your own downfall. Sounds pleasant, yes? Just wait, it gets better. The Twelfth House also governs secret enemies (yup, including the seemingly-kindly elderly neighbor lady who always smiles and waves hello, although she is the mysterious person who repeatedly calls the city to complain when your grass is 1/4 inch taller than she thinks it should be), things we hide from others as well as ourselves, difficulties in general, the subconscious, sorrow, suffering (perceived or actual), and places of restriction. The word restriction can refer to feelings of being, for example, emotionally confined but it also applies to more literal places of confinement, including but not limited to prisons, hospitals, jails, asylums, orphanages — if it’s a place where your freedom is limited, it’s covered by the Twelfth House.

As you have probably either already heard or now suspect, House number Twelve has a terrible reputation. Dane Rudhyar, who is considered to be the father of modern astrology, once stated that “there are no ‘bad’ houses.” But this matters not to clients who freak out wanting to know what brand of doom is inevitably going to befall them because Pluto is in their Twelfth House. And while it’s true that this House doesn’t govern a lot of the happier areas of life, these more unpleasant subjects are, in fact, parts of everyone’s life…and some House has to rule them. And so, here we are!

One of my favorite astrologers, the awesome Bob Marks, has stated that most of the folks he’s seen who have several planets in the Twelfth House are sensitive, caring people (typical of the sign of Pisces, this House’s natural ruler) who tend to put up with way too much bullshit from others. He goes on to say the rest of the people with many planets in this House are, and I quote, “serial killers and mass murderers.” (God, I idolize that man, who has been a huge influence in my own astrological studies and work…but I digress.)

This is the House where any bad karmic debts owed will be collected. We all have them. Every single one of us. And this is the House where we will paykarma the piper. The House where our anxieties, illnesses, losses, grief, and frustrations lie. Pisces is the depressive, dreamy sign which is the Twelfth’s House natural ruler; thus, Neptune and its rose-colored glasses of denial is the natural planetary ruler of this House. The House where the martyrs and the rescuers reside.

Woohoo! you cheer as you do a happy dance of relief around the room (stop it already, you look ridiculous.) You’ve just nervously scanned your natal chart and found that your Twelfth House is completely devoid of any planets, asteroids, or nodes. Therefore, one could reasonably conclude that you’ll breeze through life nearly worry-free, dealing with sunshine-filled days, not an enemy in the world, healthy as a horse, and good karma just falling right out of the sky and into your lucky little lap…right?

Wrong. (Broken record time.) There are ten planets and twelve Houses in a natal chart. It is obviously impossible to have a planet in every House, meaning everyone (yes, including you) will have at least two completely empty Houses…and most people will have more than two empties. It might seem that you caught a break that the Twelfth House happens to be one of your vacant Houses…but it just seems that way. Empty Houses are still interpreted in a natal chart, they are just interpreted in a few different ways.

One way we would look at an empty Twelfth House is to first determine its natural ruling sign (Pisces) and planet (Neptune.) We would examine the qualities of Pisces and the personal influences of Neptune which will reveal how you deal with the life areas covered by the Twelfth House. Another way to interpret an empty Twelfth is to look at the sign/planet by which it is ruled in your natal chart. Let’s say, for example, that it’s Scorpio/Pluto (and let’s also hope that actually isn’t the case.) We would then take a gander at the characteristics of the sign of Scorpio and the influence Pluto has on an individual in the life areas ruled by the Twelfth House. Either or both of these methods can give some interesting insight to your Life in the Twelfth House.

Occasionally, a House is vacant simply because it governs areas of life that are at least in order to such a degree that they don’t warrant a large chunk of your day-to-day attention. In that case…um, yeah…you can consider yourself one (fairly) lucky son of a bitch. So how do you know which of these scenarios applies to your empty Twelfth House? Easy: get yourself a personalized, detailed natal chart which will cover why, in your case, you might have gotten a little lucky (or not.) Check out prices for various charts on the right-hand side of this article and pay using the convenience and security of PayPal, email me at, or simply post your inquiries in the comments section. You can also visit (and don’t forget to “like”) Born Under a Blonde Sign’s official Facebook page (also to the right of this article) and post any questions or comments there as well.

Moving on…for those of us who are cursed with have planets in the Twelfth House, let’s take a closer look at the meaning of each of the planets when placed in this House and the personal influences they have on our lives.

niteowlsThe Sun in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
Normally, wherever the Sun is placed in the natal chart is where we shine or need to shine. In the case of the Sun in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, the Sun is somewhat obscured by the clouds of dreary Neptune. This results in a native who needs their space and solitude to reflect in seclusion so that they are able to summon their inner strength. This one might actually avoid the spotlight or if they’re forced into a visible position, they might pretend to be someone they’re not. Are you a night owl? There is a fascinating trend among those with this Sun placement to be third-shift employees (especially in places of restriction) or simply be more productive in the overnight hours. A Sun-in-Twelfth often has trouble relating to others and feels alone and uncomfortable in a crowd. The native is compassionate and helping others is one way to part those clouds and let some rays of the Sun shine into this otherwise melancholic House. My Cancer-Gemini cusp love has this Sun placement and as I’ve previously stated, he will bend over backwards to do anything he can to help anyone who needs his assistance: a stranded motorist, a friend with nothing for lunch, you name it: if he’s got it and you need it, it’s yours; if he can do it and you need it done, he’ll do it. And he never complains about it. Ever. Although his schedule requires him to be at work at the ungodly hour of 8am, my man is a bonafide night owl. If it were up to him, he’d stay up til 4 or 5am, sleep til 1-2pm, piddlefart around for an hour or so, and stroll into work around 3 or 4pm. And oh, how the man requires his “me-time.” He will retreat to his man cave (we live in an apartment, so that’d be the bathroom), sometimes for 2 or 3 hours at a time, emerging only for a cold beer from time to time. He despises the spotlight and has a job behind the scenes, though not in a place of restriction (he works in a body shop.) The solar Twelfth House individual tends to be rather critical of themselves and wonders why no one understands them. Generally speaking, the Sun, which governs the ego, is uncomfortable in the Twelfth House as its light seems to be somewhat perpetually blotted out, leaving the Sun-in-Twelfth person feeling insecure, as if they don’t really fit in anywhere. The lesson here is to ease up on yourself. Simply knowing this is the case is beneficial because it allows you to recognize why you feel the way you do, giving you the home-court advantage in overcoming the limitations the Twelfth House tries to impose upon you. You go!

The Moon in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
Ohohoho, does this one have Moon-imposed mood swings! But when the Moon is in the Twelfth House, the native will usually try to conceal that fact. The Moon-in-Twelfth person frequently doesn’t understand their own feelings, despite the fact that they are otherwise incredibly perceptive. Their emotions often overcome — and overtake — them, and many times the native can’t quite define what they are feeling and isn’t even sure why they feel the way they do and have difficulty pinpointing what their own emotional needs are. Although empathetic and sympathetic toward others, their own inner confusion sometimes leaves them emotionally unavailable to help. There are many times when the native must withdraw from the world for a period of time to try and figure themselves out in a peaceful environment, even if its within their own home. If at all possible, they will avoid contact with others during this time of reflection and rejuvenation. The Moon here gives a native with sensitive feelings which are easily hurt. Their energy levels ebb and flow depending on their mood, as does their ability to deal with certain situations. Personal satisfaction is found doing anonymous random acts of kindness behind-the-scenes. This one definitely has an interest in all things metaphysical or supernatural, and most likely has a keen psychic ability. If the Moon is favorably aspected here, the native will find success in occupations out of the public eye, perhaps in places of seclusion or restriction (hospitals, prisons, or even working from home.) This lunar position also increases the likelihood of a secret love affair; if the Moon is positively aspected it will be able to remain a secret. However, if the Moon is negatively aspected it often indicates that any illicit affair in which the native might be involved will be revealed, leading to a great deal of trouble and moodswingsheartache (duh), as well as a tendency to attract two-faced, backstabbing “friends.” That’s right, I have this Moon placement (so does my lovely Libra former stepmother in-law.) Furthermore, my Moon forms a square (challenging) aspect with Mercury. This is where I sheepishly admit to having once had an affair when married to my now-deceased Sadge first husband, with my also-now-deceased Cancer ex-husband. Mercury is talkative, and when in a negative aspect with the Moon, it becomes super-chatty when anxious or nervous…which ultimately led to my own self-undoing and my affair being revealed. I have attracted my fair share of so-called friends and acquaintances whom I believed truly liked me, and whom I even liked, only to discover their true colors by what they spoke about me to others (yeah, but I didn’t like them anymore after that.) I wish I could blame the exposure of my affair on one of those friends in sheep’s clothing, but nope…it was my own self-undoing at work. While I don’t consider myself psychic, I do have pretty nifty intuitive abilities which rarely steer me wrong (when I pay attention to them, that is.) Additionally, I thrive on random acts of kindness, and I don’t require accolades for them. It truly nourishes my soul to do for and help others in any way I can. I’m not just saying that; it’s who I am. And yeah, my moods practically swing around on chandeliers…but with age, I’ve become more adept at hiding this…I think (I hope.)

Mercury in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
Mercury is usually a very active, chatty planet. But in the Twelfth House, when it comes to secrets, the native won’t blab your deepest, darkest confessions. Whatever you tell them goes into the vault and stays there, period. If you have a friend with this Mercury placement, confide your little heart out with no worries and hang onto this friend forever. Sometimes the Twelfth House Mercurian has difficulty developing confidence in their abilities of clearly expressing themselves, so they aren’t always ready to talk about their feelings…not because they don’t want to, but because they aren’t sure they know how. This leads to them feeling misunderstood, guilty, or even leaving them prone to shady situations and/or people who don’t have the native’s best interests at heart. Mercury-in-Twelfth sometimes thinks too much, overanalyzing their feelings, which makes it difficult for them to trust their intuition as all this overthinking causes difficulty distinguishing between intuition and fear. The native is drawn to symbols and imagery, and grasps ideas best when presented visually or emotionally. This one is intrigued by all things involving psychology and the workings of the mind, and they are naturally compassionate, more than willing to self-sacrifice to serve others or help anyone in need. There is an ongoing inner search for spiritual truth and enlightenment. The native is an artistic, poetic person; a humanitarian, a caregiver who would be successful in careers utilizing those qualities, such as nursing or counseling. My Scorpio daughter has this Mercury placement. It’s absolutely true: she’s a wonderful confidante, she’ll do anything in her power to help anyone. She’s the person who gives her spare change to the guy holding a sign on the exit ramp (and she doesn’t care what he’s gonna buy with it because “what if he really is hungry?”) She’s the one who takes in the person with nowhere to go, feeding them and giving them a place to sleep. She is definitely attracted to symbolism and this is evidenced by her numerous tattoos; not just random wtf-ever body art, but meaningful and spiritual sayings and symbols. She volunteers in her church’s child care on weekends, and her career aspiration? To become a nurse. And she would be wonderful in that capacity.

affairVenus in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
When the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure is in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, the effect on the life of the native is one of romance. Their partner, when in a relationship, is the native’s world. As a result, this one is hurt in love rather easily and because of difficulty establishing boundaries between their needs and the needs of their partner, as well as their devotion being mistaken for weakness, they are prime to be taken advantage of as well as being/feeling used. A Twelfth House Venusian is drawn to partners with unusual backgrounds or eccentric personalities, as well as relationships that are secret, challenging, or unorthodox in some way. At the same time, the native is often hesitant to openly express their feelings or affection because of a fear of their love not being reciprocated. They are also likely to fall in love with someone who is married or otherwise unavailable and/or to have an affair while married themselves at some point. The Venus-in-Twelfth often feels like they have to sacrifice something for a partner; to give up someone, something, or even some part of who they are in order to be loved and accepted. In addition to a Sun placement in this House, my Cancer-Gemini cusp man also has this Venus placement. As arrogant and boastful as this might sound, I can assure you that I am, in fact, his world. How do I know that? Because he tells me…all the time. He is unbelievably devoted to me and to our relationship, and while I absolutely do not and would never take advantage of this unwavering devotion (a fact to which he will readily attest), it’s easy to see how, with the wrong woman (*cough* his cheating, lying, junkie whore ex-wife *cough*), it could happen (and with her, it did.) Which brings me to my next point: our relationship itself is unorthodox. How so, you ask? The way we met. In September 1993 at the age of 21, I was visiting a longtime friend one afternoon at her apartment when her new live-in boyfriend, whom I had not yet met, came home from work to grab some lunch. She introduced us and because he was there to eat, we didn’t really interact. But as the years passed, I became friends with him as well, they eventually married and had a daughter (both events at which I was an attendee), and long story short, we both found ourselves divorced and available with a decade-long (albeit secret) mutual attraction, both physical and intellectual, and in January 2003 we officially became a couple. Excluding what we refer to as the Great Hiatus of 2011, we have been together almost 11 years. I should note here that while we never even discussed with each other — in fact, we hid — our mutual feelings over all those years, let alone ever had an affair, we definitely had a connection and feelings for one another which we probably shouldn’t have…as we were both married and unavailable. He even confessed to having wished on many occasions that he had met me first rather than his wife/my friend…and I then revealed to him I too had wished that very same thing, way too many times.

Mars in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
Mars is the planet of aggression and assertiveness. Because we hide things in the Twelfth House, the native with this Mars placement will tend to hide or repress their anger. But they can’t do it forever and from time to time, it’s going to explode in one way or another. The native can even be fearful of asserting themselves. The influence of the Twelfth House saps the energy from the person with this Mars placement, often resulting in low self-esteem and a general feeling of weakness or defeat, particularly in childhood. They tend to be pleasant and agreeable, bristling at the idea of conflict or uncomfortable confrontation, regardless of how badly you treat them. But again, this can only go on for so long before the suppressed Martian energy erupts like a volcano and heaven help the unfortunate soul who triggers it. Even when the native has calmed down, don’t expect an apology, regardless of what they did in their tirade. If you were the one who provoked it, it was probably a long time coming and to the Twelfth-House-Martian, that doesn’t justify an apology. Here again, along with the Sun and Venus, my adoring Cancer-Gemini cusp man has Mars in the Twelfth House. Incidentally, with three planets in the Twelfth House, I should probably point out that my man is not a serial killer or mass murderer; he is one of the “most folks” to which astrologer Bob Marks referred when discussing people with many planets in the Twelfth House: my love is sensitive, caring, and definitely puts up with way more bullshit from people (yeah, including from me) than he should. He had a difficult childhood which involved some physical and mental abuse, about which I won’t go into detail; however, he definitely felt emotionally beaten; just mentally depleted. As a result, he cannot stand the notion of conflict and he will put up with a lot…until he just can’t take it anymore and he finally does blow his top. However, it’s never in the form of a violent assault and battery on the one who finally poked the bear one too many times. When he’s had enough — and it takes a lot to get him to that point — it’s mostly incredibly loud, telling you in no uncertain terms exactly what he thinks about you and/or what you’ve done to get him to that point, and lots of shouting, which is jaw-dropping in itself because it’s so atypical of his usual everyday gentle persona. And don’t hold your breath waiting for him to humbly apologize for his verbal tantrum once he’s cooled off. It won’t happen.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
If you had to have a planet in the Twelfth House, lucky Jupiter is the one you would want it to be. When placed in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, Jupiter is your veritable Superman, swooping in just in time to save you from whatever dubious debacle you’ve found yourself in. Good fortune comes to the native through spiritual work or the arts. This one finds inspiration using meditation, self-introspection, and seclusion. Whatever Twelfth House Jupiter’s idea of a worthwhile cause is, at some point in their lifetime they will likely make a great personal sacrifice to champion for it. It could be related to something in healing or medicine, philosophy, or spiritual or occult issues. Jupiter’s lucky influence tends to protect a native from physical harm as well, particularly from enemies. There might be some close calls and near-misses but these folks have a fascinating tendency to really catch a break when it comes to bodily injury: it’s often much less serious than it could have been. My older son, a 6’4″ Sadge in his mid-twenties, has this Jupiter placement. I hesitate to even mention any of his close calls with physical injury or harm lest I jinx his good fortune, but it’s true…even going all the way back to his time in the womb, the boy is lucky to have survived his C-section birth (as was I, who developed severe complications in late pregnancy.) He was once involved in a rollover Jeep accident as a shotgun-riding passenger — the only one wearing his seat belt (atta boy!) — and although he was hanging upside down from his seat belt after the crash, he escaped without a single scratch. (Thankfully, the others were not seriously injured, by the way.) And it does seem that he has quite a bit of last-minute luck in sticky situations where someone or something, just by chance, comes along to rescue him.

Saturn in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
If you had to have a planet in the Twelfth House, planetary schoolyard bully Saturn is the one you would not want it to be. (Sorry.) This is the planet alonethat throws up obstacles and limitations wherever it’s placed in the natal chart, and in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing, although we have a native who is quite dependable and can always be counted upon to be there for others, they don’t always have someone they can count upon to be there for them. Depression is often associated with this Saturn placement, and not just regular depression. When this one gets depressed, everything they have ever been depressed about in their lives seems to rise to the surface, sometimes to the point where it is so debilitating that the native can barely function in daily life. They often have long-standing feelings of guilt coming from somewhere they can’t even identify. The native frequently has bouts of intense anxiety and feelings of vulnerability, possibly from repressed emotions or situations dating back to their childhood. The Saturn-in-Twelfth tends to feel overwhelmed by life with a lack of control of their emotions. I highly recommend someone with this placement who strongly relates to this interpretation to seek the services of a professional counselor or a trusted friend in whom they can confide. This can help uncover the reason for the feelings of guilt and old issues resurfacing, which can then be dealt with and lead to a more peaceful, happier life with much less anxiety and fear.

Uranus in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
The native with this Uranus placement longs to change the world and has an intense need for personal freedom, but the restrictive nature of the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing results in a suppression of these desires. Instead, they could manifest in different ways such as the Uranus-in-Twelfth living vicariously through others; encouraging them to do the very things that they themselves want to do but shy away from. The native will continue searching for new and better ways to advance the world, but won’t necessarily act on them. This is because although the Uranian influence normally embraces change and forward-thinking, this is blunted by its placement in the Twelfth House. They are drawn to people with similar ideals, who are creative and value their own personal freedom as much as the native does. Though they are often eccentric geniuses, they tend to keep these qualities hidden because it feels safer for them to do so. They are attracted to the bizarre and will be attracted to study subjects that others find strange.

Wasted away again in Margaritaville…guilt
Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know…
It’s my own damn fault. ~ Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville

Neptune in Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
Neptune (a.k.a. my lifelong archnemesis) is the natural ruler of the Twelfth House so when its placement in the natal chart is in this House, it is in its dominion; in other words, it’s right at home. Does this increase Neptune’s influence over the life areas governed by the Twelfth House in this case? You bet your ass it does. The native with this placement has remarkable intuition and has impressive inner strength which they are able to summon at will, despite their mild-mannered nature. The Neptune-in-Twelfth is exceptionally compassionate to the plight of others and desperately wants to fight for the underdog, but the suppressive nature of the Twelfth House makes it difficult for the native to take action, resulting in feelings of depression and guilt. I’ve mentioned a hundred times (or close to it) how Neptune has us wearing rose-colored glasses, seeing and hearing only what we want to see and hear. That being the case, escapism behavior is very common with this Neptune placement, as Neptune rules drugs and alcohol so the likelihood of substance abuse and/or addiction is greatly increased here. Remember, the Twelfth House rules places of restriction as well and this combination could result in a Twelfth House Neptune individual finding themselves in a rehab facility — or worse, in prison for crimes related to drugs or alcohol, including DUIs, public arrestintoxication, possession, or even drug dealing. If you have this Neptune placement, this is valuable information I’ve given you, so please use it! You have the unique advantage of knowing, because of your natal chart, that the odds are not on your side so if you would like to avoid incarceration and/or rehabilitation facilities, be mindful of your drinking habits, never drink and drive (that applies to everyone, but especially to the native with this placement), and think twice before delving into the world of drugs, whether illicit street drugs or legal prescription medications such as opiates or benzodiazepines. The planets are not in your favor here. My Sadge sister in-law and best friend of 30 years had this Neptune placement. She was a raging alcoholic who regularly combined opiates and benzos with her booze. Not only did she find herself hospitalized for alcohol poisoning more than once and involuntarily locked up in rehab more times than I can count, she also wound up behind bars for alcohol-related offenses on at least ten occasions. On February 13, 2012 her body finally succumbed to her addiction and drug abuse at the age of 41, at which time she found herself in an urn…which is probably the most restrictive place of all.

Pluto in the Twelfth House of Self-Undoing
The all-or-nothing planet of extremes, Pluto is another one that can predispose a native with this placement to depression and addiction. Wherever it is found in the natal chart, Pluto does not know moderation. Emotions are repressed here, and grudges are held. Remember that holding on to a grudge or hate for someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Your hard feelings have zero effect on their daily life. On yours, however, it’s like carrying a backpack filled with unnecessary heaviness like anger and resentment. The lesson here is to put the backpack down, leave it, and walk away. It might sound difficult or even impossible, but you truly are only poisoning yourself by holding on to old demons. Once you conquer your own issues, you will be amazed at how much weight will be lifted from your shoulders and you will also be able to help others do the same. The Twelfth House Pluto individual is especially intrigued by anything hidden, mysterious, or taboo. The native seeks to uncover who they really are, and they find dream interpretation exceptionally fascinating and helpful in this process. Pluto-in-Twelfth probably has exceptional intuition or psychic ability with complex subconscious energies contributing to this. Death is no stranger to the native, and they probably will experience or have experienced quite a few more than usual losses of loved ones during their lifetime.


The Eleventh House: Your Wildest Dreams


Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions
I keep my visions to myself
It’s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams and
Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

Dreams of loneliness like a heartbeat, drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering
What you had and what you lost
And what you had, oh what you lost… ~ Fleetwood Mac, Dreams

As we delve into the life areas covered by the final astrological Houses, we find ourselves in the Eleventh House, commonly known as the House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends. But it also governs how the native handles being in groups of people outside the home such as clubs or professional associations, as well as your goals and personal aspirations.

The Eleventh House reveals how our thoughts manifest in our lives. It also governs friendships and the support we give and receive in those relationships. Remember: the Fifth House, which is directly opposite the Eleventh House, concerns immediate pleasures and creativity that comes from within. Therefore, the Eleventh House takes a more outwardly look at long-term goals and collaborative creativity within a group.

Just for fun, let’s assume that you’re looking at your natal chart, eager to discover these facets of yourself and lo and behold, your Eleventh House of nofriendsHopes, Wishes, and Friends is completely empty, containing no planets, asteroids, or nodes whatsoever. That can’t be good, right? So what does this indicate on a personal level?

I’m so sorry to tell you this, dear reader/follower. But what this means is that evidently, you have no hopes, wishes, or friends.

I kid, of course. As I’ve repeated to death in the previous ten Houses and will do so once more in the upcoming Twelfth (and final) House, there are ten planets (counting the Sun and Moon) and Twelve Houses. Now, it’s not rocket science to figure out that it’s mathematically impossible for there to be a planet, asteroid, or node in every single House in any natal chart. Everyone (this includes you…and me) will have at least two empty Houses, and most of us will have more than two empties.

In the case of an Eleventh House with little more than the occasional cricket chirping or tumbleweed blowing by, we would interpret this in a few different ways. First, let’s ask ourselves, which sign is the natural ruler of the Eleventh House? That would be the sign of Aquarius, which is also — not coincidentally — the eleventh sign of the zodiac. What are the traits of the Water Bearer? We would examine those, in addition to Uranus — Aquarius’s ruling planet — to gain some insight into how you handle the life areas governed by the Eleventh House.

Secondly, we would determine the ruler of your natal chart’s Eleventh House. Let’s say it’s Libra. We would then take a look at the characteristics of the Scales and its ruling planet, Venus, to glean even more information on the ways in which you deal with your hopes, wishes, and friendships.

friendsIt’s also entirely possible that your Eleventh House is vacant either because the life areas covered here are simply not your primary focus — and that’s okay! — or it could be that your hopes, wishes, and friendships are already so well established, ordered, and functional that a large amount of your attention is simply not needed in these areas. If this is you, I extend to you my heartiest congratulations along with both of my middle fingers.

But for the rest of us who do have planets floating around in the Eleventh House, let’s see how the effects of each manifest in our lives.

The Sun in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friendsdiversity
Well, hello there Mr./Ms. Popularity! Wherever the Sun is in our chart is where we shine or feel the need to shine. In the Eleventh House, we have a native who makes friends wherever they go, attracting them and keeping them, often for a lifetime. This one is everybody’s friend. The Sun-in-Eleventh tends to become quickly attached to newfound chums, forming those aforementioned multiple friendships with lightning speed. But if they discover no common ground with someone, they’ll break that bond in an instant. Easily adaptable, the Eleventh House Sun can fit in anywhere, seeing everyone as equals and making an honest effort to avoid bias toward anyone. The native’s goals are set sky-high and opportunities are sought after rather than waited for. Oddly enough, this one doesn’t care much about their social status; in other words, this is the high school student who will embrace the friendships of cheerleaders, athletes, or spoiled rich kids…and outcasts, delinquents, or the proverbial underdog. Diversity and tolerance is a huge deal for this one. Curiously, unless there are negative Sun aspects in the natal chart, the native is usually quite compatible with those who have Leo Sun signs or a lot of Leo in their natal charts (Leo is ruled by the Sun.) On the downside (yeah, there actually is one), spreading oneself too thin among a large number of friends and acquaintances can cause the native to appear impersonal, in turn intimidating or discouraging others who would like to be closer to the native or get to know them better. My Scorpio daughter has this Sun placement. She has more friends than I can keep track of, and she forms friendships seemingly effortlessly. She gets that from her natal chart, not from her mother.

comfortfriendThe Moon in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
The sensitive Moon in the House of Friendship gives a native with a strong emotional need for belonging and support from a network of friends and acquaintances. This one is more than willing to offer that same support in return as well. Like the effect of the Moon on the tides, the Moon-in-Eleventh’s social life ebbs and flows, and feelings for others wax and wane which, needless to say, can cause some serious relationship problems. The native has a heart of gold with many dreams, but their goals tend to change as frequently as their moods, resulting in difficulty attaining their desires. The Eleventh House Moon person tends to be friends with their own family members and feels a strong bond with those who share similar ideals. It’s important for the native to remember to relate to others outside their own family. This one is wonderfully intuitive and charming in their interactions with others, but they are also prone to attracting friends who are depressive or moody, as well as undesirable or unreliable friends, resulting in the native’s unintentional involvement in some kind of trouble or scandal. One of my sons has this Moon placement. He is definitely closer to his family members than non-relative friends, and he has attracted some friends of questionable character in his day; one of which got him wrapped up in a shoplifting incident (the friend was the guilty party, my son was honestly unaware of what had happened.) Luckily, my son was not prosecuted as surveillance cameras proved he didn’t know what his shady friend was up to. His goals also change with unprecedented frequency: he’s interested in forensics, then he’s talking about video game design. He has a strong need to belong but being an Aspie, finds that difficult at times. The only real, best friend he ever had with whom he truly bonded and to whom he was able to fully relate, tragically committed suicide in September 2013 which, in my book, qualifies as a depressive friend.

Mercury in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Intellectual Mercury in this House results in an individual who is adaptable to a wide variety of people. Extremely social, Mercury-in-Eleventh has an talkativeinsatiable curiosity about others, community issues, trends, cultures, you name it. This one needs friends who have something to contribute intellectually. Forward-thinking, the native is drawn to those who bring fresh ideas to the table, as well as writers, talkative folks, and those who enjoy traveling a lot. Personal goals and plans will probably change or fluctuate often, and there is a tendency to attract dishonest friends. This one is likely involved in at least one or two clubs, groups, or societies and is clever about coming up with original ideas to see their goals to fruition. However, they can also be impractical and rather cynical. The lesson here? Skepticism is healthy and encouraged. Cynicism is refusing to acknowledge the facts or the evidence in front of your face. Yeah. Don’t do that. My adoring Cancer-Gemini cusp man has this Mercury placement. He’s incredibly intellectual, talkative, and ridiculously clever when it comes to problem solving, always ready with a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea which never in a million years would have entered my own blonde head. No doubt he’s attracted more than his fair share of shady, con-artist (now former) friends and has only one or two true, real friends. He’s also an enigma: while he’s quite open-minded in many ways, he’s also moderately cynical, which drives. me. insane. Worse, he’s cynical about the fact that he is cynical (“I’m not cynical!” he’ll vehemently protest, even when presented with irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Aaaaah…)

Venus in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
When the planet of love and pleasure is in the Eleventh House of Friendship, there must be friendship in order to develop a romantic relationship with someone. An Eleventh House Venusian looks for unusual or unique qualities in their friends; this is what sustains their interest in the relationship. The native tends to jump into friendships impulsively without always considering the implications or the character of the person involved. The Eleventh House governs groups and group activities while Venus rules love, and a love interest will likely be met through a group or activity, and many natives will eventually marry this person. The Venus-in-Eleventh often benefits financially through their friends and group associations as well. This one knows how to be tactful, but far too often confuses friendship with love. This Venus placement promotes self-indulgence, particularly in food. The same son with the Moon in the Eleventh House also has Venus in the Eleventh House. He definitely jumps into friendships without thinking and one of his greatest pleasures is good food, particularly rich desserts.

Mars in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Aggressive Mars in the Eleventh House of Friendship frequently indicates a native who has more than the normal number of arguments or disagreements with their comrades who, by the way, are typically quite active and assertive themselves. The native’s goals are well-defined and aggressively sought after. The Eleventh House Martian often has a lot of acquaintances but few close friends, which suits the native just fine. A born leader, this one doesn’t care to answer to authority in a group but quickly discovers that team cooperation will lead to quicker success in life.

What do I do when my love is away;helpfriend
Does it worry you to be alone?
How do I feel by the end of the day;
Are you sad because you’re on your own?

No, I get by with a little help from my friends…
Mmm, get by with a little help from my friends…
Mmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends. ~ The Beatles, With a Little Help from My Friends

Jupiter in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Lucky Jupiter in the Eleventh House of Friendship often attracts helpful, influential, or otherwise beneficial friends to the native. The Jupiter-in-Eleventh prizes their personal freedom and have a great deal of tolerance. Open-minded and progressive, this one genuinely wants to help the world at large become a better place. There is one caveat to this otherwise awesome Jupiter placement, however: the native often finds themselves so incredibly lucky in situations which just seem to somehow work themselves out — be it goals, wishes, dreams — that they come to depend on that luck, therefore putting forth little if any actual effort into making these things happen, assuming their hopes and dreams will magically come to them. And they often do! But guess what: there are times when that doesn’t happen. The lesson here? Yeah, you are naturally lucky in friendships, dreams, and everything else governed by the Eleventh House. But do not allow yourself to sit idly by, assuming things will just work out as they always seem to do without any effort on your part. Guess who has this Jupiter placement? (*raises hand*) That’s right. And it’s so true. I have a knack for attracting friends who can — and do — benefit me in some way. This is not to imply that I consciously seek out friends on such a shallow level. It just happens: I meet a new friend or acquaintance, we get to talking, and whaddya know — they have some kind of influence or connection which helps me in my career, or they introduce me to something else that benefits me in some way. The list is endless and it happens all the time.  And I’m the first to admit that, when in a sticky situation, I am the worst at taking little action and just knowing it’ll work itself out; after all, doesn’t it always? Well, no, not really. Oftentimes, absolutely! But not every time. Yeah, I’ve really gotta work on that…

Saturn in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
There’s a saying that goes, “Saturn delays but does not deny.” If you have this Saturn placement, here’s what I want you to do. Get some Post-It notes, postitsjot down that gem of wisdom on about 200 of ’em, and stick them all over your house. Plaster them on your car’s rearview mirror and dashboard. Write it in Sharpie on the palm of your hand. Tattoo it on your forehead backwards so you can read it every time you look in the mirror. Why? Because when the schoolyard bully of planets is in your Eleventh House of Hopes and Wishes, you are going to have to work your ass off to earn everything of which you dream and for which you hope and wish. Attaining goals is not going to come easily to this one. The native will struggle, often feeling as if they are just treading water, getting nowhere, but I implore you: keep going. Why? Because Saturn delays but does not deny! (Weren’t you listening? Pay attention!) The Eleventh House Saturnian will reach their aspirations but Saturn is a bully who throws out obstacles and delays, so it will take them longer than most people to get there…but get there they will. When they do reach the top, the rewards of their efforts will be astounding and well worth it. Guaranteed. As far as friendships are concerned, the Saturn-in-Eleventh native often seeks friends who are several years older than they are, and they probably hung around more with older friends during their childhood. The native probably doesn’t have a lot of friends, but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a result of being a bit more discriminating when choosing with whom they prefer to associate.

Uranus in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Eccentric, unusual Uranus in the Eleventh House of Friendships will result in a native who embraces being different and despises others who conform just to fit in, looking down upon them as being sellouts, for lack of a better term. Uranus-in-Eleventh definitely appears to be an erratic, aloof loner in group situations which can cause others to question whether or not the native can be taken seriously or depended upon. But over time they’ll realize the native is honest and open, which will be appreciated. The Eleventh House Uranian connects particularly well with those who share their offbeat, yet forward-thinking ideals, often resulting in lifelong friendships. However, friends and associations will often change as the native’s own goals do. Bottom line? Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius, values friendships more than just about any other sign of the zodiac and when in the Eleventh House, we have a native who is extremely devoted to their amigos through thick and thin.

neptune11Neptune in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Anddddd it’s back. Neptune, the dreamy, see-and-hear-only-what-you-wanna-see-and-hear planet still dons its trademark rose-colored glasses in the Eleventh House. Among other things, this can lead to a native who is easily taken advantage of by so-called friends, which is a damn shame because this person is incredibly accepting, flexible, and idealistic when it comes to friendships, always pulling for the underdog or the disadvantaged. Often, they are a rescuer — taking on the problems of friends as their own, wanting to fix all that is wrong in the lives of their buddies. A Neptune-in-Eleventh just doesn’t/can’t/won’t believe that a “friend” could ever have malicious intent. At least, they don’t want to believe it. As dreamy as Neptune is, it can be difficult for the native to get in touch with their deepest desires, as Neptune also imparts confusion wherever it is placed, and this results in the native not really knowing what would make them happiest. They tend to attract unusual, eccentric, sensitive friends but the boundary is somewhat blurry when it comes to how much of themselves the native should be able or willing to give. It’s very common for the Eleventh House Neptune individual to feel used because they do give of themselves so freely. The native has extremely high ideals, very pie-in-the-sky ambitions, and they are often disappointed or discouraged when they fail to meet these lofty, unrealistic goals. The lesson here? Aim high…but not so high that what you dream of is unattainable. Be realistic about what is doable.

Pluto in the Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Friends
Intense Pluto isn’t a big fan of being part of a group. If and when they do participate, it’s likely for their own personal growth or healing, or possibly centered around social change. But in a group setting, the Eleventh House Pluto will not sit silently while others run the show, particularly if they feel they have a better idea or way of doing things. The native has a powerful presence and if Pluto is afflicted in the natal chart, others can actually feed off of this power, like psychic vampires, if you will, leaving the native feeling drained and powerless. Power issues arise in friendships when Pluto-in-Eleventh might feel as though they are being urged to make some sort of change when they really don’t want to. But inevitably, circumstances will arise which force this to happen. Pluto is the all-or-nothing planet of extremes with no happy medium. The native might not have many friends but the ones they do have will be for a lifetime. That said, if a friendship goes south, it goes all the way south (remember: no in-between with this one) and it can switch from love to hate in the blink of an eye…and stay that way. Because Pluto imparts formidable energy and power when striving to reach goals, the native will probably attain whatever it is they set out to accomplish. This is where the phrase “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” comes in handy.

The Tenth House: Just A Job To Do

Welcome to the Tenth House! In the horoscope wheel, this House is positioned opposite the Fourth House, which you might recall governs home and 10thhousefamily. As its opposite, the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing rules issues occurring away from the domicile: work and career, your reputation, and social status. It reveals how highly regarded you are (or aren’t) by the community, your image, recognition in the form of honors or lifetime achievements, as well as your approach to responsibility. Additionally, while the Sixth House discusses the kind of work you do and the flow of your income, the Tenth House deals more with your life’s work and the legacy you leave behind as a result.

The cusp of the Tenth House is known in astrology as the Midheaven. The Midheaven reveals your public persona along with how you manage your inner authority. Because it’s ruled by earthy, dependable Capricorn, the Tenth House also covers materialism and what you achieve through your own hard work and toil. Furthermore, if you are an expert in a particular area, the Tenth House is going to tell us which area that is, as well as vocations for which you are well-suited. It is important to note that any aspects of the Midheaven should be paid particularly close attention to, as they are the strongest indicators of which career field is the best fit for the native as well as which vocations will bring the greatest success. (Look for an upcoming in-depth article on aspects in the not-too-distant future for more information; alternatively, you can request your personal natal chart by emailing or by inquiring right here on the website; the extensive natal chart contains in-depth explanations of all of the aspects in your natal chart.)

authorityBecause this House governs authority figures, many astrologers associate it with an authoritarian such as the father/father figure, while others (myself included) are of the opinion that it is more associated with whichever parent/parental figure was the primary authoritarian. The Tenth House governs other persons of authority including judges, law enforcement officers, and even your boss. Also included would be a mentor or other person you admire or strive to emulate. Regardless of who it is, this person is a significant influence in your life, teaching you the lessons the Tenth House requires us to master. (Think about it: when a judge sentences you to fifteen years in prison for your fourteenth DUI, does that not — hopefully — impart a lesson? There ya go.)

A Ph.D. from Harvard isn’t necessary to figure out that with ten planets (including the Sun and Moon) and twelve Houses in a natal chart, everyone is going to have a minimum of two completely empty Houses — meaning one containing absolutely no planets, asteroids, or nodes — and more often than not, there will be more than two empties. So what if one of your vacant Houses is the Tenth House? Are you destined for chronic unemployment and the apparent collective decision of every employer within a 500-mile radius to deny you a job opportunity? Or perhaps even more disturbing, when the time comes for you to depart this lifetime, will there be no legacy left behind?

Don’t fret, dear reader/follower. An empty House can still be interpreted using a few different methods. One way is to consider the qualities of the sign which naturally rules the Tenth House, which is Capricorn. This will reveal, at least to some degree, how you approach the issues ruled by the Tenth House. We would also consider the sign which rules this House in your natal chart. For example, let’s say that Pisces is the sign which rules the Tenth House in your natal chart. By examining the Piscean tendencies and characteristics, a great deal of insight can be gained into how you handle these particular life areas. Alternatively, perhaps the areas governed by the Tenth House are already so well-ordered in your life and in need of no extra attention, you lucky bastard, you.

So let’s take a look at the interpretations of each planet’s placement in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing and determine the ways in which they affect you on a personal level.

Tom "Sun-in-Tenth" Hanks

Tom “Sun-in-Tenth” Hanks

The Sun in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
I’ve said this a thousand times (well, not really) but it bears repeating: wherever the Sun appears in the natal chart shows where we need to shine and be noticed; the area(s) in which our egos are most invested. A Sun-in-Tenth person is strongly driven to succeed…which most of them will, but a pattern with this one is for the peak of this success not to be achieved until mid-life or even later. The native might experience turbulence on the homefront due to a tendency to prioritize career and ambition over more personal issues such as relationships or family life. This one has the potential to be an influential leader, though they tend to come across as an arrogant dictator. The Tenth House Sun craves public recognition, bristles at the idea of taking orders, and need to be in charge. Although the Sun is unusual in the sense that it doesn’t point in any specific career direction, the native enjoys being in the public eye and are likely to find success with any career in that area. Regardless of the position they’re in, the Tenth House Sun will be satisfied as long as they can call the shots and be praised and recognized for their contributions and hard work.

careernurturerThe Moon in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
The Moon-in-Tenth native won’t have much of a personal life. Career frequently involves dealing with the public, as do social activities. There is an interesting pattern with a Tenth House Moon to suddenly change career directions in mid-life (remember, the Moon, like the tides, has the personal effect of a desire for change, as well as an ebb and flow in the life areas where the Moon is placed in the natal chart.) Associations with women or female family members often lead to career situations which result in financial success, though there is a strange tendency for a native with this lunar placement to become embroiled in a public scandal. This one knows exactly what the public demands and strives to deliver. Some concerns with a Moon-in-Tenth include indecisiveness when it comes to selecting a profession, resulting in somewhat frequent career changes, a propensity to allow emotions to cloud their career decision-making and/or having knee-jerk emotional reactions to situations in the workplace. If the native can recognize these tendencies, they will appear more professional, increasing their success and credibility with business associates. Because the Moon is a nurturing planet, a Tenth House Moon is frequently drawn to careers involving the care of others: nursing or other healthcare professions, child care, teaching, counseling, etc. Their emotions are often focused more on career and ambition than home or family concerns which can lead to discord. Although others, particularly family members — especially mom or a mother figure — will often try to dissuade the native from pursuing the career which their heart truly desires, the sensitive lunar Tenth House native needs to stand strong and stick to what they want; otherwise, career happiness and satisfaction will never be attained.

Mercury in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Restless, communicative Mercury in the Tenth House gives a native for whom it’s not unusual to hold down more than one job at a time or have multiple irons in the fire. Mercury-in-Tenth has a knack for languages and this can be useful in any profession they choose to undertake. There is an air of authority with this one and they have a flair for communicating well and negotiating with supervisors or others in positions of authority. This one thrives in a job that keeps them on the go, traveling or what have you, as long as they aren’t chained to a desk or sitting still all day long. Easily bored, the Tenth House Mercurian requires frequent new challenges or changes of scenery to remain interested and stimulated. Easily adaptable to new and different types of people and possessing a witty communicative style which others find appealing, this one has an uncanny knack for success in writing or careers in journalism.

Venus in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
A Tenth House Venusian loves to receive public accolades, strives to achieve high social status, and often makes a successful career out of a hobby. They must receive credit for whatever they do, although they prefer being part of a team rather than working solo. This one can be misunderstood as being uppity or pretentious due to a tendency to associate more with the higher-ups of society, such as their company’s CEO or prominent people in the community, although this doesn’t usually indicate they are as snooty as they appear, although these connections do frequently financially benefit the native by opening doors and advancement opportunities. A Venus-in-Tenth is often attracted to romantic partners who are established and accomplished in their career, and usually this is someone who is somewhat older than the native. A marriage in this situation will probably bring career benefits to the native. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty and this one is drawn to careers involving any of these, such as interior decorating, fashion, makeup artistry, or other similar professions. Interestingly, some natives gravitate toward careers which somehow serve or help other females — gynecology, obstetrics, rape crisis counseling, assisting battered women, or championing various female causes. This is a charming individual who is popular with the public, but also subject to public scandal or even downfall brought about by — surprise, surprise! — a woman.

marstenthMars in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
The Tenth House Martian has exception executive ability and more than likely will dominate others in their profession. They have uncanny initiative and determination, are in it to win it, and have a strong desire to attain public recognition for their efforts; however, because they can be viewed as ruthless, they aren’t always held in the highest public esteem, regardless of the level of success they achieve. The native’s intense competitive streak will stop at nothing to move perceived obstacles out of their way…and yeah, this means they aren’t above stepping on toes and leapfrogging over the backs of others in their quest to be top dog. But even with all this perseverance, even the Mars-in-Tenth isn’t infallible and there are times when their lofty goals do not come to fruition, which can result in an extremely cranky native as, more than nearly any other individual in the zodiac, they hate to lose and when they do, they don’t know how else to react except with anger, frustration, and an abundance of self-pity and incessant bitching.

Jupiter in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standingluckymoney
Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, and when its placement is in the Tenth House, the native is usually seen as being unusually lucky in career endeavors…and they are. Problem is, the Jupiter-in-Tenth can rely too much on that luck, becoming a bit reckless, and push the envelope just a tick too far at times, which can easily come back to bite the native right in the ass. Simply having an awareness of this tendency can be invaluable to the Tenth House Jupiter person. In any event, regardless of their chosen profession, success is usually easily attained and goals are seemingly effortlessly achieved. This is a sociable, confident, charismatic and persuasive individual who is popular with the public and will likely be recognized at some point in their lifetime with an honor. Social status is of utmost importance to this one, they prize their personal freedom, and often benefit from the influence of their many, many friends and associates.

jobstuckSaturn in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
As I mentioned earlier, the Sixth House governs work but the Tenth House rules the type of work in which you find the most personal satisfaction. Saturn loves to place obstacles and limitations in our paths wherever it is placed in the natal chart, and in the Tenth House this usually manifests as success that is eventually achieved, but not until later in life and when the native does finally make it, there will almost be a feeling of disappointment or loneliness, as though what they’ve strived so hard to attain isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. But the Saturn-in-Tenth has the patience, stamina, and perseverance to keep plodding along to ensure they do eventually get there. They often approach their career goals in an organized, step-by-step approach with an admirable amount of self-discipline which many other folks lack. That said, the native has a selfish streak and will generally put their own needs before those of others, leaving them vulnerable to disgrace in the eyes of the public. There is a tendency to take on too many responsibilities at once and their stubborn streak causes them to resist delegating some of these tasks to others. Dear Native: It’s not a sign of weakness to dole out some of this work to others, who are more than willing to lend you a hand…on the contrary, it demonstrates that you recognize your limitations, which in turn gains you credibility. Slow down there, partner! It’ll get done. Promise. My now-deceased Sadge first ex-husband had this Saturn placement. He plodded along in the same position with the same company from 1989 until his cancer diagnosis forced him to take disability in 2000, and he didn’t stay in that position because he loved it so much: he was content, it was what he knew. “Later in life” in his case meant late twenties/early thirties and by that time, he was still making only four dollars an hour more than when his career began. But in those 11 years, the total number of days of work he missed could be counted on one hand and I assure you, they were for legitimate illnesses. He had an unbelievable level of self-discipline when it came to his job and his duties, doing his work the right way the first time, every time.

Uranus in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Uranus is infamous for being unorthodox and unpredictable, and when it’s in the Tenth House, this translates to sudden or unconventional changes in career. But it’s this same uniqueness that brings the native success: they have a way of seeing things which many other people would never even think of. Their minds are constantly spinning up new and unusual ideas, thinking so far outside the proverbial box that the box isn’t even visible anymore. However, the Uranus-in-Tenth detests having to deal with people in authority, as they need the freedom to do things their way. They have no desire to work their way up anyone else’s corporate ladder. For this reason, many Tenth House Uranian natives will make the leap to becoming their own boss, and you can bet your ass that whatever business they enter into, it’ll be something truly original, perhaps even shocking, unlike any other business. Because Uranus is a forward-thinking, innovative planet, success with an internet business is probable and likely profitable.

Neptune in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Imaginative planet Neptune, although I badmouth the hell out of it on a regular basis, gives a native with impressive creative talent. This could involve kingwriting or anything artistic, possibly a somewhat unconventional profession, and because Neptune is also the planet of illusion (*cough* rose-colored glasses *cough*), professional success might be attained using a pseudonym (example: for those who didn’t already know, Stephen King has also written under the name Richard Bachman.) The Neptune-in-Tenth native is intuitive, spiritual (though not necessarily religious per se), and idealistic…all of which can serve them well in their chosen field. One caveat to this Neptune placement (heh, like there’s only one) is a tendency for the individual to attempt to take on too many projects simultaneously, resulting in a native who is running around in circles, certain they are losing their minds. My now-deceased former Cancer husband had this Neptune placement. More than once he was working two jobs, literally leaving one and heading straight to the second without even stopping at home beforehand. Furthermore, while working those two jobs, he could often be found perusing the classifieds, searching for other jobs. His work was never anything necessarily unusual or unconventional, but he was definitely idealistic and one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met. Additionally, there was a call center position he once held in which he was required to use a pseudonym.

Pluto in the Tenth House of Career and Public Standing
Pluto’s intensity manifests itself in the native’s career with this placement. The native definitely stands out among their peers, pursuing goals with unprecedented drive and determination. Pluto seeks to uncover the hidden, so a Pluto-in-Tenth person excels in any position in which research is involved. The native is naturally mechanically inclined and this will absolutely be noted in dealings with the public. Tenth House Pluto’s father/father figure might have worked in a healing or research profession, and there are likely some unresolved, deep-seated issues with that parental figure that will need to be dealt with. Because Pluto is an all-or-nothing planet of extremes, the native tends to invoke love-hate reactions in their professional or public life. This one has an incredibly intense personality and is quite persuasive, a bonafide perfectionist with no qualms about shaking up tradition and doing things in a new way that makes more sense.