Red (Bull) Planet – Mars In The Signs

“Let’s go and see the stars
The milky way or even Mars
Where it could just be ours
Let’s fade into the sun
Let your spirit fly
Where we are one
Just for a little fun
Oh, oh, oh yeah!” ~ Lenny Kravitz, “Fly Away”

Fourth rock from the Sun, named for the Roman god of war, Mars in astrology represents masculinity, aggression, anger, action, and physical attraction. It rules the sign of Aries, which is notoriously impulsive, impatient, and quick-thinking. It governs our drive and motivation in all we do, from getting out of bed each morning to ascending Mount Everest.

Mars becomes retrograde for an 11 week period every few years, and this often causes difficulties to crop up during that time. Instead of directing energy outward to achieve goals, Mars in retrograde forces us to summon motivation from within.

The sign in which Mars appears in a woman’s chart is indicative of the type of partner she is attracted to. It spends a little over 57 days in each sign of the zodiac before moving into the next.

So gather ’round, grasshoppers. Today we’re going to explore the interpretations of Mars in each of the twelve signs. If you don’t know what your Mars sign is, you can easily find out.

Mars in Aries
As the natural ruler of Aries, Mars is right at home here, promoting a strong tendency toward impulsive activity, high energy levels, and being notorious for a lack of stick-to-itiveness. This one loves to charge full speed into a project with tremendous drive, only to quickly become bored and leave it unfinished. They also have quick tempers which pass relatively quickly.

Mars in Taurus
Unlike Mars Aries, a Mars Taurus has formidable staying power. They take a while to get moving but when they do, they plod along diligently toward their desired objective. This one hates to argue and why wouldn’t they anyway; their way is the way, bottom line, no need for further discussion. Theirs is a direct sexual approach and that aforementioned staying power applies in the bedroom as well.

Mars in Gemini
Gemini thrives on variety and a Mars Gemini individual demonstrates this by jumping restlessly from project to project and a lack of persistence. A woman with this Mars placement is drawn to talkative partners who tend to move around a lot. This one experiences sudden bursts of energy that come and go, and they often have several things going on at once. My Mars is in Gemini, and I can frequently be found pacing while talking on the phone or texting. A Leo girlfriend of mine often comments, “It’d just kill you to sit still, wouldn’t it!” Yeah, it probably would.

Mars in Cancer
Cancer is a sign with emotional depth and because Mars = energy and assertiveness, much of this person’s energy is directed toward the emotions. Because of this, a Mars Cancerian will tend to pick fights and be argumentative. If they can be kept otherwise occupied however, it directs this energy elsewhere and disputes can be minimized. My ex-husband has this placement, and I can attest to the fact that he expended a huge amount of time and energy making mountains out of molehills; everything was an emergency, constantly stressing over what-ifs. Not fun.

Mars in Leo
When this one argues, they do so on a grand scale and everyone in a half-mile radius will know about it. However, if Mars appears in the twelfth house (house of secrets, sorrow, and self-undoing), that might cause Mars Leo to hold in their frustration and anger (secrets.) I once dated a guy with this placement. He found it seemingly impossible to express his indignance – about anything, anywhere, at any time – using his indoor voice, and cared not a bit if he made a noisy public scene, causing me so much embarrassment that I would have loved to crawl into the nearest hole and hide.

Mars in Virgo
A woman with Mars in Virgo, a highly detail-oriented sign, has a tendency to nag and nit-pick their partner. Much energy is spent critiquing others as well as themselves. I have a Leo girlfriend with this placement. When I would visit and take a shower at her house, she complained that I opened the shower curtain from right to left rather than left to right. You heard me. It bugged the hell out of her. Really.

Mars in Libra
This one will drive you batty with their indecisiveness. Unless there is blatant injustice in a situation, they are almost incapable of sticking to one side of an argument. God help them during a presidential election year; they might not even make up their mind on a candidate until they’re at the polls and even after their vote has been cast, they’ll continue to examine their choice in their mind with the good ol’ shoulda-woulda-coulda thinking they are all too familiar with.

Mars in Scorpio
This one doesn’t know the meaning of moderation in disputes or battles. They either throw everything they’ve got into a fight or they do absolutely nothing. For example, let’s suppose an intruder breaks into Mars Scorpio’s house. They immediately break out their shotgun and shoot to kill. Or let’s say a mosquito is buzzing around their neck. They immediately break out their shotgun and shoot to kill.

Mars in Sagittarius
Sadge rules the legs and Mars is energy, so this one needs to walk or move frequently. (On that note, Scorpio rules the sex organs and Mars is energy, so you can draw your own conclusions on that one.) If a Mars Sadge finds a project interesting, they are capable of working tirelessly on it; however, if they find a project to be dull, they tire quickly and easily.

Mars in Capricorn
This one is a master at maintaining the stamina needed to complete a task thoroughly and correctly. They’re often the ones staying late on the job to finish something up long after coworkers have headed home. A woman with this placement is attracted to partners who are reliable, patient, and orderly.

Mars in Aquarius
Mars’s energy here is directed toward the intellect. Aquarius is an unpredictable, random sign and because Mars shows how we fight, this indicates a Mars Aquarian will come at you from unexpected angles. Women with this placement are drawn to intellectual, spontaneous partners and if they have jealous tendencies in their charts, such as a Cancer or Scorpio Sun or Venus, Mars in the detached, whatever’s-clever sign of Aquarius will blunt that tendency to some degree.

Mars in Pisces
Pisces is a poetic dreamer, so the Martian energy here is focused on the imagination. An Aquarius friend of mine has this placement. He is constantly coming up with witty, creative one-liners, jokes, comebacks, remarks, and cut-downs. And I do mean constantly. I don’t think his brain ever shuts off.


2 comments on “Red (Bull) Planet – Mars In The Signs

  1. “Mars in Leo: When this one argues, they do so on a grand scale and everyone in a half-mile radius will know about it.”
    I have to admit it =))
    We can be very dramatic :3
    And since my Leo Mars is in the first house, I can be angry easily and quickly @@
    *Although my Sun is in Taurus :(*

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